Brian Abela

Sales Representative

Today there are many real estate professionals for you to choose from.  Do you choose, “the person you know, or the person WHO KNOWS?”  After all, most people know someone in almost every industry, and if we don’t, a quick internet search or a referral from someone we know can easily fix that.  But then what?  How do you know that your best interests are properly looked after.

Think about this:

Let’s say your brother/sister is a doctor, and you need eye surgery would they be the best person to operate on your eye?  What if your brother/sister was a doctor that specialized in cancer surgery, or kidney repair, would you still use them to operate on your eye?  Most people would not.  In fact, your brother/sister would probably refer you themselves to an eye surgeon… a specialist in that type of procedure.

Not let’s take that same philosophy towards real estate.  Sure you might say that it is not the same thing, and you would be right.  However, most property sales in your area exceed $600,000.00.  That is a considerable amount of money, and should be taken care of responsibly.  Would you not want the right person to watch over your greatest asset with utmost care and expertise? That’s the difference between between choosing the person you know instead of the person who knows.

Michael Festa

Sales Representative

“There’s no greater satisfaction then knowing you were instrumental in finding the perfect home for your friends and clients.”  As real estate is usually a person’s largest investment, selling a property for its highest value permits ultimate job satisfaction.


Entering the world of real estate sales and marketing was a natural transition for Michael.   As a long-term investor in both commercial and residential properties, he already had a strong grasp of how financial and market dynamics influence pricing and the investment performance of real estate.  Michael’s professional experience in business also enabled him to build a portfolio of skills in customer service, finance, sales, marketing, technology, and negotiating that few real estate professionals can match.

Over the years, he has continued to build upon his skills in the service of marketing his clients’ homes, as well as provide all of his clients with timely and meaningful information about GTA real estate, the broader local markets, trends, opportunities and potential issues of importance.